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Facilities Management 2015 Update

2015 saw big changes to the workings of Beefficient Software. Facilities management and all other areas are now presented on dashboard layouts. This gives the user an immediate view as to the current of state of the facility.


A colour coded system is used to make the user aware of pending renewal and expiry dates for many different topics within the facility including electrical and training records.


2015 also saw our 'cloud' move to just meters away from BT's Global Research and Development Headquarters meaning that you can now access your facilities information and documentation at even faster speeds.

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Personnel Record Management

Employing new personnel involves obtaining a multitude of information and documentation. These personnel records are often stored in filing cabinets or in disjointed computer files making it difficult to know what personnel information is held on file.


The personnel record management side of our software makes it easy to ensure that all necessary information is held on file.


Once the personnel records are entered into the system Beefficient makes you aware of pending personnel record expiry dates such as for training certificates and Right to Work documentation.


Beefficient can also be used as your central employee contacts database and emails can be sent dirctly from Beefficient.

Vehicle & Driveable Plant Management

All companies must ensure that the vehicles and plant that they provide for use are regularly serviced, maintained and inspected to ensure that they are in a safe condition for the operator.


Maintaining records of vehicle servicing, maintenance, and inspection provides an audit trail to demonstrate that your company is is carrying out its duties with respect to vehicles and driveable plant.


Organising and keeping track of your vehicle and driveable plant records not only keeps your vehicles safe, but also  helps to prevent breakdowns, and can give you a clear view as to exactly how much a vehicle is costing you to run, empowering you to make educated decisions as to which vehicles to purchase in the furture.

Supplier Management

As a company you must ensure that the suppliers that you engage are competent to carry out their role on your your behalf.  This involves obtaining variuous documentation from your suppliers including insurances, pre-qualification information, certificates, risk assessments & method statements.


Ensuring that the supplier information that you hold on file is current and has not expired can be a headache and this is where supplier management software can save you time and therefore money.


As part of your supplier management system contact details of individuals within your supply chain companies can also be held. These contact details begin to form your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database opening up new opportunities for your company to run directed marketing campaigns.

Task Allocation

keeping track of the tasks that you have assigned to your team can often be difficult.


Task allocation software allows you to see what task have been assigned and to who. Task owners can then update tasks to show that they are making progress towards the completion of the task. Once completed the task can be closed out by the owner and where necessary close out evidence such as photos and sign offs can be attached to the task.


Task owners can recieve their tasks on their desktop computers, via an internet browser, or via their iPhone, iPod, or iPad.


Beefficient task allocation software is a great way to issue jobs to personnel on the move whether they be mainteance operatives, drivers, or site managers.

Document Control

As your company grows document control becomes more and more important.


Whether you are looking to move towards attaining ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, or are just looking to increase the professional image of your business, it is of paramount importance to ensure that only one set of documentation exists. This ensures that all personnel are using the same versions of documents and prevents outdated information being sent to customers and other employees.


Beefficient Document Control Software keeps control of your documents and reminds you of pending document review dates.

Legislation Register

Creating and maintaining a Legislation Register is a requirement of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001, and is also the best way to ensure that your company is complying with relevant Legisltation.


Beefficient Legislation Register Software simplifies the creation and maintenance of a Legislation Registrer. All relevant Legislation can be entered into the Legislation Register Software. Once entered regular audits can be carried out against the Legislation to ensure that your company is still compliant with the Legislative requirements. The built in audit function ensures that the audit process is as efficient as possible.

Short Video Presentation for Step on Safety Ltd

Step on Safety Ltd manufacture and fit GRP safety flooring systems.


Step on Safety Ltd carry out works on many prestigious construction projects within London City and througout the United Kingdom.


This short video presentation was produced to demonstrate some of the areas that Beefficient Software could help improve compliance and increase efficiency for Step on Safety Ltd.

Risk Assessment Software Introduction Video

Beefficient Software includes a feature to produce generic Risk Assessments and COSHH Assessments for your general work activities.


These generic documents can then be copied into project packs and made site specific at the click of a button saving you time in the preparation of your site specific Health & Safety documentation