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Tracking jobs issued to individuals within most companies is done through the handing out of job sheets combined with the use of spreadsheets. Beefficient Task Allocation Software simplifies this process.


What does it do?


The task allocation software allows jobs to be assigned to individuals, these individuals can then access their jobs list through the use of a computer, iPhone, or iPad. Moving away from the use of paper job sheets and spreadsheets means that personnel have immediate access to an up to date list of due jobs.


How does it do it?


The team manager can assign jobs to every individual within his team. As Beefficient Software is based in 'a cloud' the team can then immediately access their list of jobs whenever they have an internet connection.


Why use Task Allocation software?


Using task allocation software means that every person in the team, from the managers, to the operatives has access to up to date information., for example if an operative is carrying out a job but does not have the correct quantities of materials, he can flag the job on the software. This update is then sent to the manager who can immedately order the correct quanity of the material to ensure that the job can be completed as quickly as possible. Reducing the time taken to complete jobs can help you meet your internal targets and also increases the quality of service that you offer.


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Beefficient Task Allocation