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As a company it is vital that you maintain good connections with your suppliers, you also have a responsibility to ensure that the suppliers you use are competent to carry out their works. The Supply Chain Management side of Beefficient Software is designed to help you organise the information that you hold about your suppliers, and to ensure that you have fulfilled your legal duties.


What does it do?


The supplier management software organises all of the information that you hold about your suppliers and subcontractors. You will then be reminded of upcoming expiry dates through the use of a traffic light system allowing you to ensure that the supplier and subcontractor information that you hold is current.


How does it do it?

Beefficient supplier management software has been designed to be exceptionally easy to use. Adding new suppliers and subcontractors couldnt be easier. If you need a helping hand getting your information from its existing format into Beefficient then we are more than happy to help.


Why use supplier management software?


Keeping track of your supplier and subcontractor information is important, not only from a legal perspective but also from an operational one. Supply chain management software allows you to easily stay in contact with your suppliers and also ensures that you have fulfilled your legal duty to check that the suppliers and subcontractors that you engage are competent to carry out their works on your behalf.


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