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Producing and controlling risk assessments has never been easier. With Beefficient Risk Assessment Software you can quickly and easily create a suite of generic risk assessments for your company, these can then be used as templates to produce project specific documentation saving you masses of time.


What does it do?


Our risk assessment software provides you with an easy to use platform to create great risk assessments whether they be generic or project specific.


How does it do it?


Each of your users can access the risk assessment software to either create new risk assessments, or, use existing risk assessments as templates for project specific documents. Following the format specified by Beefficient Software, this means that risk assessments produced contain all relevant information and are of the same format.


Why use Risk Assessment software?


  • Simplifying risk assessment production means they can be produced faster reducing your cost per risk assessment.


  • Personnel only have access to the most recent version of a risk assessment.


  • All risk assessments are the same format.


  • Generic risk assessments can be used in the production of Site Specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements saving masses of time.



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Beefficient Risk Assessment

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