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Employing personnel whether they be full time, part-time, temporary, or subcontracted involves a lot of paperwork. Traditionally this paperwork has been stored in filing cabinets and spreadsheets. Beefficient Personnel Records Software has been designed to hold all necessary information on file and to ensure that this information is kept up to date.


What does it do?


The personnel records software organises all of your personnel records for each of your employees and subcontract individuals. Having uploaded the records for individual personnel you will then be able to easily identify missing pieces of information. Beefficient Personnel Records Software will also remind you of suggested review dates, and expiry dates for documents such as training certificates and driving licenses.


How does it do it?


Beefficient personnel records software has been designed to ensure that it is intuitive to use. Adding new employees is simple. If you need a helping hand getting your information from its existing format into Beefficient then we are more than happy to help.


Why use personnel management software?


  • Reduce your reliance on paperbased personnel records.

  • Increase control over personnel information.

  • Keep on top of training certificate expiry dates.

  • Include training certificates in project Risk Assessments & Method Statements at the click of a button.

  • Send an employees training certificates via email with one click of the mouse.



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