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Construction is a very dangerous industry and ensuring that your workforce is safe is of paramount importance. Beefficient Software can help with the organisation of your construction related records and documentation helping your construction company to remain compliant and saving you time in the process.


Without software you must audit your paperwork to check that everything is present and correct. The audit process is time consuming and your companies money would be better spent on allowing your managers to concentrate on the real business of making money and ensuring that physical conditions are safe.


Internal Audit Benefits

  • Beefficient is essentially self auditing.

  • Once set up a traffic light system is used to alert you of pending actions that need to be taken.

  • Live information allows you to see where your attention needs to be focused without the need to carry out an audit.

Beefficient Software in Medium to Large Construction Companies

Completing multiple health and safety Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (Achilles, CHAS, Constructionline, Safe Contractor, etc) is common place within the construction industry. These often all cover the same areas and so the completion of them represents a huge waste of time as a resource for your construction company. Beefficient software holds all of the information that these construction PQQs require in one place. Being able to easily locate this documentation will hugely reduce the time that you spend gathering evidence to send off with these health and safety PQQs.

Being audited by outside bodies is another time consuming process both in the preparation for the audit and sitting through the audit itself. As Beefficient is self auditing and forms an integral part of your management system you will no longer have to spend time preparing for the audit, and the time it takes for the auditor to carry out the audit will also be heavily reduced. Saving time in these areas allows your team to focus their attention on the money making tasks.

Beefficient can also be used for creating site specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement packs saving your team masses of time.


If necessary we are availble to assist you with the initial population of Beefficient to allow you to be up and running as quickly as possible.


If you would like to find out more about how Beefficient Software can benefit your construction business then please get in contact today.

A short video presentation to show how Beefficient Software could benefit a GRP flooring company called Step on Safety Ltd.