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As a company you should keep a list of the Legislation that applies to you, this is particularly important if you are audited by outside bodies or if you are looking to achieve certification to one of the ISO's or OHSAS.


What does it do?


The Legislation Register software assists you to manage the Legislation that is applicable to your company, and simplifies the audit process against these Legislative requirements.


How does it do it?


We have aimed to make the upkeep of a Legislation Register as simple as possible. Adding new legislation can be done with two clicks of the mouse, and a traffic light system is used to remind you of upcoming due dates in relation to auditing against the requirements of the applicable legislation.


Why use Document Control software?


As your company grows it is important to ensure that you remain compliant with Legislative requirements. The easiest way to do this is to keep a Legislation Register. This becomes a requirement when looking to attain certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, or OHSAS 18001. Once your Legislation Register is established it is important to regularly audit against the requirements of the Legislation. This allows you to keep a constant check that your company is compliant. Beefficient Legislation Register Software simplifies this process from start to finish.


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