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Beefficient Software in Facilities Management

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Being audited by outside bodies is another time consuming facilities management process both in the preparation for the audit and sitting through the audit itself. As Beefficient is self auditing and forms an integral part of your management system you will no longer have to spend time preparing for the audit, and the time it takes for the auditor to carry out the audit will also be heavily reduced. Saving time in these areas allows your team to focus their attention on the real facilities management tasks.

If necessary we are availble to assist you with the initial population of Beefficient to allow you to be up and running as quickly as possible.


If you would like to find out more about how Beefficient Software can benefit your facility then please get in contact today.


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Thirdly Beefficient Software allows you to keep track of your own jobs, and those issued to your facilities team. Jobs can be issued as traditional job sheets, or your facilities operatives can pick up their jobs using an iPhone or an iPad, this gives them access to live job information and updates to the job can be made on the spot. This saves you time by taking away the need to close out jobs on your jobs spreadsheet when your facilities operatives hand in a completed job sheet.

Beefficient is a highly valuable in terms of Facilities Management Software.


As a Facilities Manager there are a multitude of topics that you need to manage within your facility, ranigng from Health & Safety, planned preventative maintenance, job allocation, personnel management, vehicle management, and much more. Keeping on top of the facilities paperwork is a job in itself and takes away from the time that you can spend inspecting the facility.


Beefficient Software has been designed to assist you with managing your facility. This is done in a number of ways;


Firstly Beefficient Software provides a platform for you to store all of your facilities paperwork, ranging from fire evacuation drill records to personnel training certificates.


Secondly Beefficient keeps track of due dates for you and alerts you when due dates are pending, this takes away from the need to use disjointed calendars and spreadsheets.