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When creating Beefficient Facilities Management Software our main aim was to produce FM software which was intuitive to use and priced to make it accessible to companies of all shapes and sizes. In order to get the best from any facilities management software it needs to be used on a regular basis. A product that is easy to use will encourage the user to use the software more often.


With the Beefficent system being cloud based you can access your information from wherever you have an internet connection via desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.


Whats new?

The newest releaese of our Facilities Management Software has seen a complete change in design. We have moved away from a tab based layout, to using one single premises dashboard.


What does this mean?

This means that once you access a premises you have all of the necessray information immediately displayed in front of you. We use a traffic light system so if for example your Fire Risk Assessment is due for review in the next month it will display as orange, or if the Fire Risk Assessment is overdue it will display as red.


Other features

Not only does our FM Software manage your premises information but it can also do much more. Beefficient Software includes modules for Document Control, Personnel Records management, Driveable Vehicle management, task allocation management, supplier management, and much much more.


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