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If there is more than one person in your company then it starts to become difficult to manage your controlled documents, with each person storing different versions on their own computer or in different areas of the server.


What does it do?


The document control software assists you to manage your controlled documents giving all users access to the company documents but controlling who can make changes to them.


How does it do it?


With the document control software we have kept things as simple as possible. Each document can be stored in PDF format, and an editable format. All users have access to both versions but the documents stored on the software can only be changed by users with the correct access privilege.


Why use Document Control software?


There are many reasons for wanting to increase the control over your controlled documents., from simply wanting to increase the professional image of the company by ensuring that all documents used are of a consistent format, to wanting to work towards achieving a recognised standard such as ISO 9001.


The document control software has been designed to be simple to use but if necessary we can assist you in the intial setup of the document control software.


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