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Our clients are creating RAMS for:

There are core activities and duties that are essential for the running of any business.


What does it do?


  • Risk Assessment: Quickly produce high quality Risk Assessments and Method Statements for the projects that you are working on.

  • Personnel records: ensure your records are complete and training certificates remain in date.

  • Plant & Equipment: keeps track of Thorough examinations, Tax, MOTs, Calibration, Noise Levels, Vibrations Levels, and much more.

  • Supplier Management: ensure that all of your subcontractors have been Pre-Qualified and the information that you hold for them is in date.

  • Document Control: Helps to ensure key documents are reviewed regularly.

  • Task Allocation: Issue tasks to your team and ensure that they are completed on time.


How does it do it?


  • Intuitive Dashboard Layout for easy navigation.

  • Traffic light system let you see when items require your attention.



Why use Beefficient management software?


  • Reduce the number of filing cabinets and folders in your office,

  • Increase control over the information that you hold

  • Starting out on a journey to attain ISO 9001, 14001, or OHSAS 18001 (45001). - Beefficient Management Software is essentially self-auditing and as such it is easy to spot areas which require your attention.

  • Keep on top of expiry and review dates.

  • Information displayed at the click of a button saves masses of time that would otherwise be spent trawling through paperwork and disjointed spreadsheets.

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