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Producing site specific RAMS packs with Beefficient Software

By hrcap, Jun 4 2015 02:33PM

When working on a construction site it is necessary to produce site specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement Packs (RAMS) in order to brief your operatives on the risks that may be present, and, the safe work methods to be used to ensure a safe work place.

We have all been guilty of complaining that these site specific RAMS packs take a long time to produce and often with high repitition of tasks. Beefficient Software can be used to produce these site specific Risk Assessments and Method Statement packs at the click of a few buttons, minimising the amount of repitition and time spent producing paperwork.

If you would like to know more about how Beefficient Software can help save you time when producing site specific risk assessment and method statement packs then please get in contact today.

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