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Making Facilities Management Auditing Easier with Software

By hrcap, Apr 16 2015 06:59PM

An audit is a systematic review of something. In laymen's terms audits are carried out to ensure that a company or organisation is operating in the way that its procedures define. The results of the audit then show strengths and weaknesses in an organisations management systems and allow for continual improvement of that system.

Audits can be carried out internally by a member of the management team, or externally by an independent auditor.

As an example an audit may be based around the fire safety within the facility and may

take in areas such as:

- Fire risk assessment

- Fire plans

- Fire evacuation drills

- Fire alarm tests

- Fire alarm servicing

- Emergency exit route checks Emergency lighting checks and servicing Fire extinguisher servicing

- Fire extinguisher training

- Sprinkler servicing

- Fire warden training

- PAT testing

During the audit (whether it be internal or external) the auditor would be checking to ensure that all necessary tests and services have been carried out, and that any non- conformances have been actioned.

In many facilities the documentation relating to auditable areas such as fire, risk assessments, method statements, personnel records, vehicles, supplier management, and legislation are held in a multitude of disjointed formats including; paper in filing cabinets, spreadsheets, computer files and wall charts.

When carrying out an audit, all of this documentation needs to be collected in order to be reviewed which can be a time consuming process. This problem is multiplied when an organisation owns or manages multiple premises and each location must be visited in order to audit the documentation.

Streamlining the Audit Process using Software:

Beefficient Software serves two key purposes:

1) Organises your documentation in one place so that it is easily accessible from anywhere that you have an internet connection.

2) Gives a snapshot of the Organisations compliance at that moment in time.

1) Organisation of Documentation

Beefficient Software forms an integrated part of your organisations management system, and holds all of your compliance information in one place ensuring that it is readily accessible and drastically reducing the amount of time spent by you locating relevant information.

2) Snap shot of Compliance at that moment in time

As soon as you log into Beefficient Software you are presented with your company dashboard, this displays to you immediately what tasks are nearing or due for completion. For example if your fire extinguisher servicing is due within 31 days the fire extinguisher button will turn orange, or if the fire extinguisher servicing is overdue the button will turn red. This immediate snapshot view takes away the need for the auditor to scroll through the documentation to find relevant due dates, and their focus can be drawn immediately to the items requiring attention (displayed in red).

Through speeding up the process of auditing documentation the auditor is left with more time to either spend longer reviewing the physical conditions on site, or can visit more premises in one day, which represents improved efficiency in the auditors working schedule.

Using Beefficient Software to help manage your facilities compliance documentation also

helps to standardise processes, for example logging a fire alarm service is done in the same way as logging fire extinguisher servicing. This standardisation allows tasks which were previously handled by higher tier personnel to be issued to lower tier personnel, again representing increased efficiency in relation to cost per task carried out.


If a company owns or manages multiple premises then Beefficient Software user names can be issued to personnel based at the individual premises. These users can then access Beefficient and upload the relevant information. The Managers can then log on to Beefficient and view each of the premises to ensure that all relevant tasks have been carried out, this can be done from the comfort of the managers office or from anywhere that the manager has an internet connection. The ability to remotely manage and audit compliance documentation for multiple premises means that managers can reduce the frequency of visits to the multi- premises, or as previously mentioned as documentation audits no longer need to be carried out when on site, more premises can be visited in one day demonstrating real gains in the efficiency of the managers working day.

External Audits

When subject to external audit many companies spend a signifiant amount of time preparing for that audit, ensuring that all of the I’s have been dotted and T’s have been crossed, and compiling the relevant paperwork ready for the auditors visit. Again as Beefficient Software forms an integrated part of the facilities management system all compliance documentation should already be present and correct and any lapses will be identified by red buttons.

During the audit the auditor can be easily guided through Beefficient showing them the documentation that they require.

This again will demonstrate time savings in both preparation for the external audit and the time in which it takes the external auditor to carry out the audit.

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